Randall Dang on the Harvard Business Review

As a Business Consultant in addition to a seasoned accountant with over 20years plus in the industry – Randall Dang is an avid reader of the Harvard Business Review. Most recently an article discussing remote workers caught his eye. Many of Randall Dang’s clients are small business owners who staff remote workers, here is an excerpt from the HBR:

“Stay in Touch with Your Remote Workers to Catch Potential Performance Issues

One of the challenges of managing people from afar is having a good sense of how they’re performing. Virtual workers may be more prone to loneliness and loss of motivation, which can result in compromised performance. Since you don’t usually get the opportunity to pick up visual cues or have impromptu conversations with remote employees, make an extra effort to see how they’re doing. Stay alert for signs of burnout by checking in regularly. Since this won’t happen spontaneously in the hallway or cafeteria, schedule frequent conversations by phone or videoconference. Pay attention to virtual employees’ tone of voice and other signals that can indicate their level of engagement. Consider asking directly about how they’re feeling about work so that they know you care.

Adapted from the HBR Guide to Performance Management”

Simply managing in house staff can be a challenge for business owners- add the challenge of the remote worker and you find yourself wondering what steps can be taken in order to preserve the remote worker/management relationship.

Randall Dang is well versed in solving many challenges such as these. His clients understand that his experience combined for his love of the industry make him a perfect choice to analyze their company’s needs.

Randall Dang is not only your Accountant, he is a trustworthy business advisor with the tools you need to keep your business running smoothly.


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